Leadership Development

We give every Ticktocker the opportunity to find the leader within! Each ticktocker holds a job within her grade level. They receive training and are supported by the Patroness Mentor throughout the year. These jobs prepare them in areas such as event planning, budgeting, communication, management, life-skills and parliamentary procedures. They learn about leadership styles while working together towards a common goal – Owning their NCL Experience!

Each year every grade level has a specific leadership focus:

7th Grade – Team Building

  • Meeting basics and parliamentary procedures
  • Explore leadership styles and NCL core values

8th Grade – Organizational skills, effective communication, and time management

  • Begin to plan and run meetings independently
  • Preparation for High School
  • Learn appropriate email etiquette and professionalism

9th Grade – Independent living skills, kitchen safety, planning and cooking basic meals

  • Build self-confidence and respect of self and others
  • Conduct GL meetings independently
  • Learn stress management skills

10th Grade – Personal money management, budgeting, and timelines

  • Learn business skills, resume preparation, presentation skills
  • Explore cost of colleges, housing and/or automobiles
  • Learn driving skills, about automobile safety, drunk driving and texting/driving
  • Be a mentor to the 7th grade class

11th Grade – Prepare for college and application process

  • Learn self defense techniques
  • Identify college opportunities
  • Discuss world events that affect women’s issues
  • Be a mentor to the 8th grade class

12th Grade – Learn college interview skills

  • Be a living NCL Experience model for the younger TT’s
  • Explore Sustainer opportunities
  • Practice public speaking presentations
  • Be a mentor to the 9th grade class

Each Ticktocker class has Board Officers and Committee Members.

  • Elected Board Officers:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Recording Secretary
    • Corresponding Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Parliamentarian
    • Ticktocker Council Reps  (2)
  • Non-Elected Positions:
    • Father – Daughter Event Liaison
    • Chapter Tea Liaison/ Etiquette Chair
    • Inspiration Chair
    • Icebreaker Chair
    • Cultural Chair


At Vista Robles, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to grow her leadership skills. Every mother in our chapter also holds a job within the Chapter. We provide each Member the support they need to succeed, grow their talents and develop new skills. Every patroness receives training for their position, receives a job description detailing expectations and is supported throughout the year by a Board of Director Member. Each Vista Robles Members is expected to hold a leadership office in her career with NCL, Inc.

Possible chapter positions a patroness may hold in our chapter;

  • Board of Directors
  • Chapter Support
  • Philanthropy Liaisons
  • Grade Level Advisors
  • Committee Chairs
  • Committee Members

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